Encabezado Geodata

1st International Symposium
April 3 to 7, 2017
ROS Tower Hotel & Convention Center

Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina


Foto 20Applied Geodesy and Topography

Positioning and communications systems. Geoprocessing and topographic survey systems with GPS and Total Stations. Geodetic and special networks development. Mean dynamic topography(MDT) determination and use.

Cartography and Geospatial Databases

National cartographic production technologies and organization.Geospatial databases. Data and metadata integration models. Open source platforms. E-commerce and geomatics. Technical guidelines for cartographic product quality.

Foto 29Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery

Technology for the capture of geospatial data with digital cameras. Development of aerial and satellite imagery processing technologies for digital topographic maps generation and updating. Imagery capture and processing with thermal sensors. Applications, methodologies and projects. Cadastre, information systems, environment mapping.

Interdisciplinary Geomatic Solutions

Integrated applications and developments for addressing issues in the fields of Transport and Geostatistics, Natural Resources, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Agriculture and Defence.

Foto 31Technology for the creation of Cadastral Cartographic Bases

Web technologies for cadastral information publication. Cadastral information systems. Geographic information systems applied to the environment. Urban cadastre and demarcation of land.

Spatial data infrastructure

Government, Sector and national development SDIs. Technical, legal, institutional and economic parameters for SDI construction. Basic and applied research. SDI experiences and case studies.